Stubborn Brown Spots

Do you have stubborn brown spots, sun damaged skin or redness? Want to do something about it, but don’t want to have to come back for multiple treatments and not have to worry about a lot of downtime? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you could be a great candidate for the IPL/PDT treatment!

Intense Pulsed Light with Photodynamic Therapy is the popular “photodynamic photorejuvenation” technique which can decrease the number of required sessions for a predictably dramatic improvement in the aging and sun damaged patient.  Most patients get excellent results with just one treatment.  You can maintain these results if you continue to apply sunscreen daily and not abuse the sun.  No coming back for multiple treatments! One and done! Be prepared to be here for about 3 hours, and it usually takes 5-10 days to heal. Peeling and redness is expected.

Pamper Yourself

If you are looking for something with no downtime and a little bit more relaxing, schedule a facial. Mention this blog and get 50% off the service. After the facial we can discuss other treatment options and skin care maintenance to keep your skin looking young and vibrant!

Lynzie Douglass, Licensed Esthetician